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Project and Site Management


is a company specialised in :

Coordination and Management

for Your :

Real Estate and Building Projects.



You’ve buildings to construct or to renovate?



With an experience of construction sites up to 100 Milj.€



Your patrimonial needs an assessment for maintenance?


Assements throughout Europe


You have a need on Facility services?



See what Dew And Goldflowers Projects can do for you.




  • more than 25 years of experience in building projects


  • 10 years in Industrial Project Management

Dew And Goldflowers Projects can offer you the best assistance you can get.



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Construction & Renovation – We assist you on:

  • Establish Building Specifications f.ex.:
    • From scratch
    • Control and Adaptation
  • Quantity Control f.ex.:
    • Establish Bill of Quantities
    • Control of account receivables
  • Quality Control & Survey f.ex.:
    • Establish of Quality Management Plan (QMP)
    • Establish of the Quality Control Plan (QCP)
    • Establish of Quality Index Card
      • On the job
    • Quality check controls,  on deliveries & works
    • Reporting
      • Non-conformities management
  • Negotiations
    • Quotation Management
      • set up price request
      • Quotation and Quality assement
    • Commercial tendering & finalisation
    • Contract compliance
  • Construction Control & Site Survey Control
    • Time control
      • Set up & control the planning of your building construction
    • Quality Control
      • Survey of the works, materials and executions
    • Financial Control
      • Budget set up
      • Control & budgetreporting
  • Safety control
    • VCA**

Patrimonial – We assist you on:

  • Assessments on Real Estate – sites
    • NEN2767
  • Assessments on HVAC & Eelectrical installations
  • Maintenance planning – on short & long term
  • Cost-cutting measures 

Facility Management – We assist you on:

  • Integrated services on your partimonial

 Industrial sites– We assist you on:

  • Revamping of installations & Shut-downs
  • Maintenance
  • Safety control